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Because if you don’t, who will?

April 01

When It Comes To Inspiration, “Cui Bono?”

In the midst of a recent conversation with a mentor, the leadership style of a famous leader was discussed. In the process of considering a historical anecdote involving this leader, it became apparent that something I may have taken for granted to date was in fact a very clear metaphysical process that I had been […]

January 16

You Can Take It With You – Reflections On Retiring From Public Service

Retirement from a career of public service carries with it a few implications. The first one is a certain longevity of performance that at a minimum, qualifies one for a lifetime stipend, relative to the usual parameters of high salary, years of service and any other appropriate math equations.  This longevity is usually at least the […]

November 11

Of Sheepdogs and Such

Many of you reading this post today are doing so from home because it is a holiday. Some of you are at work, because, hey, stuff doesn’t just stop for holidays. You may have taken in a parade this morning, or had to navigate around one to get to the office, or the store, or […]

September 26

Leaders Show Up

There is a running conversation I have had with a peer for some time about the concept of “butt in seat”.  As defined, it meant that one did not miss an opportunity to be present as a leader. Showing up is a moment in time, that may take a few minutes, or a few hours. Generally […]

May 06


This being the occasion of Public Service Appreciation Week, it seems appropriate to take a moment and consider the act of appreciation, from the perspective of a leader. The power of appreciation is an awesome thing to behold.  As young children, we were taught that “please” and “thank you” were required elements of just about […]

April 26

The Green Eyed Monster

Shakespeare’s use of jealousy, in families and governments, was a constant theme throughout his works. His use of this theme was consistent with the era and the predominance of the Catholic Church in those times. Envy was identified as one of the seven deadly sins by Pope Gregory and then used by Dante in his “Divine […]

February 26

Competence vs. Character – The Army Dilemma

Recently, the top two generals in the United States Army, Chief of Staff Ray Odierno, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, told the Associated Press that the Army has suffered from a loss of focus and a failure to balance character with competence ….Sometimes in the past we’ve overlooked character issues […]

Engagement – It’s just about a ring….

According to a recent study by Deloitte, only 20% of workers are truly “passionate” about their job. Brent Peterson, in his book “Fake Work” reported research that claimed 70+% of workers believe their organization’s strategies and goals are not translated into specific work tasks they can execute, do not know how to support their organizations’ strategies […]

What’s Your Influence Bank Balance?

If leadership is about influence, then influence is about credibility.  There are a variety of descriptions and diagrams about the dynamics of influence, but all start from a position of credibility between the influencer and the influenced.  How does one get to be credible? Bill Zipp defines credibility as the combination of two factors – […]

Everyone Needs a Trophy – Recognizing and Celebrating Achievement

Among the many popular researchers of the generational differences in the workplace is Bruce Tulgan. Besides well-received books on managing Generations X and Y, Mr. Tulgan has written 16 other books on a variety of workplaces issues and concerns. Along the way, Mr. Tulgan takes on and largely dismantles myths commonly held about how different […]