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April 01

When It Comes To Inspiration, “Cui Bono?”

In the midst of a recent conversation with a mentor, the leadership style of a famous leader was discussed. In the process of considering a historical anecdote involving this leader, it became apparent that something I may have taken for granted to date was in fact a very clear metaphysical process that I had been […]

September 04

Humble Can Be A Verb

You are right. You know you are right. The data is clear.  All the variables have been accounted for. It’s the right thing to do. There is no question about which direction to proceed.  Anyone could see how right you are. And yet…..that’s not the way the boss decides things will go. And you are […]

July 01

It’s Not About The Food – Why Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek is famous for one of the most popular TedTalks of all time and for asking provocative questions about why some teams can rally through adversity and get things done while others fall apart at the first sign of trouble, or just can’t figure out a way around the obstacle in their way. Sinek’s central theme […]