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March 29

No Crying in Baseball (But what about the office?) – Part II

As leaders, being confronted by emotion is part of the job.  Often, the actions we take as leaders can contribute to or generate that emotion. Emotional displays can be genuine or they can be manufactured as a defense against whatever it is you are bringing.  Performance management is a particular venue in which a blowup […]

November 11

People You Should Know – LTG Hal Moore and the Four Things…

While most people outside the military may never have heard of LTG Hal Moore, it’s hard to find someone inside the military who hasn’t. LTG Moore’s story as a battalion commander in Vietnam is chronicled in the book We Were Soldiers Once which was later immortalized in a popular movie. LTG Moore’s thoughts on personal leadership and […]

October 25

Eulogy or Casket?

The list of phobias that plague the average human adult is an interesting study.  The effect they can have on your personal life, and your career, can be tremendous. It is human to gravitate toward the comfortable and lean away from the uncomfortable, and to a large degree, that affects how we navigate life. It […]