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November 27

The Zen of Not Being Perfect – Happy Thanksgiving Day!

The Jersey is a fan of making the best of bad situations.  From blooming where you are planted to embracing the “suck”, each of these paradigms are opportunities for the learning leader to figure out how they can or will respond when you missed the Rainbow and Unicorn Train. Whenever possible, putting a real-world face to […]

August 15

Embrace The Suck

There are many opportunities in life for the every-day person to say to themself, “This sucks”. The military seems to have cornered the market on “Things That Can Really Suck” from roadside bombs, to standing post in 10 below zero, or 130 degrees above, to having the thankless job of emptying latrines.  While that is not an exhaustive list, it […]

June 20

Bloom Where You Are Planted

The newly hired coach of the New York Knicks, Derek Fisher, gave a press conference a week ago in which the many shortcomings and challenges with his new team was the topic of conversation. Fisher’s response was an example of leadership mindset at it’s finest. “How do you make the most of what you have? That’s the message I’ll send […]

October 08

People You Should Know – CDR Richard Massie and CDR Leif Mollo

UPDATED: As this blog evolves, the manner in which I troll for material often brings to mind specific people or teams who exemplify the concepts of human leadership. Up to now, I have done my best to incorporate some of their qualities and attributes into specific examples that would fit in with the tenor and purpose […]