Welcome to The Front of The Jersey.  The purpose of this blog is to provide a resource to everyone who aspires to lead, and to be led, to the best of their abilities.  Leadership is about doing your homework, showing up, and leaning forward.  The art and practice of leadership has been underway since man chronicled the triumphs and defeats of the day in cave drawings.  While the medium may have become more sophisticated since then (and who’s to say what this one will look like in 10 years), the behaviors and traits that define human interactions will always be the centerpiece of a discussion about leadership.

A caveat up front.  The moderator has had parallel careers of over 20 years in government and the military reserve and thus, ample opportunity for exposure to leadership lessons that lean to that arena.  However, in all fairness, between the private sector and government-slash-military leadership materials, both venues tend to look over their shoulders and beg, borrow or steal from the other.  I intend to do so as well.

One additional (and final caveat).  The leadership training available in the moderator’s agency identifies about a dozen core competencies or traits for aspiring or appointed leaders.  The organization of this blog will seek to identify wherever and whenever possible, which of those competencies is the point at hand.

May your journey be a fruitful one.