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December 06

4 Things To Say To Sabotage Your Newest Teammate

The stress of starting a new job in a career field can often be a critical factor in making a decision to stay, either in the field, or with the chosen employer. There are many components to this stress, of which some are obvious (like doing the work itself) and some are less so (like […]

July 13

If Every Day Was A New Day

This month I have had the opportunity to spend some quality time at the largest military maritime exercise in the world.  If there is anything consistent about coordinating over 50 ships from 22 countries, it is how important the ability to communicate becomes in such an operating environment. My piece of the show involves working in […]

June 27

Defining the…..Hater

Researchers at the University of Illinois and University of Pennsylvania made headlines recently with a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. It concluded that people with grumpy and negative attitudes may be more likely to reach higher skill levels at work. In two studies, researchers measured the different activities of participants over a two-week period […]