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December 19

Zen and the Art of Furniture Arrangement

Ever find yourself thinking about the manner in which the boss chooses to communicate with you?  Is it not the words as much as the terrain that typifies the encounter? Have you ever been summoned to the Boss’s office, while you were swimming by in a school of co-workers? Does the Boss use their office as […]

October 30

It’s All About The Team

  At 109 posts since February 2013, this endeavor has occupied a consistent amount of my free time for a while. It has also generated countless conversations about this thing we call leadership.  One of the challenges I have experienced from contributing my thoughts in such a public manner is the net effect of creating a pretty […]

Because It Goes to 11…

The Online Slang Dictionary defines “dial it back” or “dial down” as a transitive verb that means to “reduce in intensity or frequency, such as “you need to dial back your drinking, man”! Other similar phrases include “take it down a notch” or “chill”. When these words are uttered, either to your face or in […]

How Resilient Is Your Organization?

Social psychologists generally define resilience as the human capacity to remain both flexible and strong in the midst of ambiguity, stress, and change. The “resilient” person perseveres by showing above average ability to remain positive, focused, flexible, organized and proactive. According to researchers at the National Mental Health Institute, the answer to human resiliency might […]