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November 03

When Does The Learning Stop?

While preparing for this post, I ran across a factoid (published by the Jenkins group, a private book publisher) that boggled the mind (or at least mine). According to Jenkins, 42% of college graduates never read a book again, ever. Um…wow.  That’s even worse than the 30% of high school graduates who follow the same […]

Things That Nobody Gets

Forbes recently had an article suggesting that 20-somethings are missing some important facts about success in life and work.  The author, aged 34, referred to himself as a curmudgeon in relation to his team of millenials at his self-created business.  Beside the chuckle thatwelled up in me reading that, when I reviewed a list of […]

Is the Interview Started? – Leading Self

The point at which you make a decision to attempt to advance your position in your current job can come at many points.  It may have been when you were first considering joining an organization in the first place.  It may have been after you started (at the bottom) and having put in some time and […]

Reality…What A Concept

There are many stories in and around the workplace, but none are arguably more frustrating to the new leader than inheriting the narratives of all your teammates.  Cy Wakeman, author of “Reality-Based Leadership” argues that drama is emotionally expensive for all concerned.  As both leader and a peer within your own team, you will find […]

Leading Self – “Whom Do I Lead? – Part I”

John Maxwell has noted that one of the most important things you can do, as a leader, is to learn to lead yourself. As we continue to look at the answer to the previous question “Who Do I Lead”, I suggest that the first, most simple answer is, …you. Maxwell created the “Mirror Principle” to […]

Whom Do I Lead?

Webster’s defines “leadership” as “the capacity to lead” and “the act or instance of leading”. What is missing from this description is who is the “actor” and who is the “acted upon”. It would not be a stretch to assume that a random survey of people on the street might define leadership in terms of […]