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Tips on effective and clear communications

Crucial Conversations –

As humans, we converse through the power of language every day. When we work as a team in a shared endeavor, like the workplace, we often engage in conversations, that often, but not always, involve the spoken word. It is not likely that anyone will exist in the modern workplace for long without at some […]

The Groundhog Day Effect – Professional Presence

One of the usual phenomena of a “career” is the inevitable conclusion that you have done this before. Whether it is an assignment, or a situation, or simply the mood you bring into the office, everyone reaches a point where something seems pretty familiar. It is not surprising then that our response follows the same […]

Here’s Your Sign! – Creating Clear Communication

While not everyone may be aware of the magic that is comedian Bill Engvall, one part of his act is dedicated to all those moments when someone feels the need to state the obvious. On the other side of the communication spectrum, is the moment when you realize you are the only one in the […]

Starting Over With Someone – Managing Conflict

So, your boss/coworker/employee drives you crazy? Dread the email or phone call you know will come on Monday, or after you sent out a communication? Are there certain situations you avoid because of “what happened before”? Over at “Leadership Freak”, Dan Rockwell identifies the biggest obstacle to starting over with someone whom you have crossed […]

Let’s have a meeting! – Communicating Effectively

Meetings can be a Dickensian see-saw of “the best of times and the worst of times”. Chances are, if you are the team leader, you’ll need to organize one at some point. This is an opportunity to communicate in very clear terms what the future will be for anyone tapped to attend one of your […]