Change Champion?

Chances are you may have been a change champion in your path to leadership. It’s hard to be the opposite (The Change Killer?…Darth Change?) since change is a part of any organization. My first experience with someone really distilling the organizational effects of change on the individual was Spencer Johnson’s book from 15 years ago titled “Who Moved My Cheese?”. I still have copies of emails from a boss with multiple references to “rampant cheesemoving” mostly used as a threat/warning to people dragging their heels on something. On an individual level, being a change champion is supposed to be as much about managing change as it is about being a proponent. Some changes are unavoidable, such as changes in the marketplace, or key support sources that leave or re-boot themselves. Others are distinct decisions by an organization, hopefully made after careful consideration of all the second and third order of consequences. If you are a leader, you’ll be in the mix.

Change really can’t be managed in any real sense so don’t fool yourself into thinking it will conform to your spreadsheet or calendar.

Building Change Champions